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Fanaa (2006) (**1/2)

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Genre – Drama /Romance maybe

Fanaa was clearly one of the most awaited films of this year. Director Kunal Kohli was riding on the success of his copied and yet well-written movie Hum Tum, and he had managed a coup of sorts by roping in as his lead pair Aamir Khan and Kajol, possibly 2 of the finest actors of the current lot with loads of experience and versatality. One was tempted to wonder why O why did the two never star opposite each other? The songs were also pretty hummable, and so I was pretty enthusiastic when i watched this movie by paying a royal sum of FIFTY bucks.
Three hours later, i thanked the lord that i didn’t spend even a penny more, ’cause this was another of those movies in the ‘quality inversely proportional to hype’ category. The chemistry between the Aamir and Kajol was minimal. Aamir looked too old and tired in the movie, and was nowhere near his best. Kajol was good as always, rather better- she actually had the innocence and charm of a newcomer, although it is apparent she has given up the battle of the ‘bulge’.
The second half of the movie happens apparently in kashmir, which is hard to believe. The director must surely think the audience is full of morons, with “snow” being enough to indicate “kashmir”- pathetic. (it’s shot in Poland, btw)
The story was new, and Aamir did play his part of the hero with shades of grey and with internal conflict pretty well, but there’s nothing else to crow about really. Kajol emotes with her eyes even when she plays blind, which is an achievement i suppose. The art direction is nice, especially during one song sequence, but that’s more or less about it. The movie just didn’t have an overall impact I was expecting. The very fact that more than moments from the film, i remember better the popcorn i had that day is i suppose saying it all.
Disappointing fare, really.


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June 18, 2006 at 4:56 pm

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Sabrina (1954) (***1/2)

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Genre – Romance

Audrey Hepburn is hands down the most beautiful person i have ever seen, no doubt about that! her charm, elegance and innocence all end up further enhancing her beauty- a rare case of improving upon perfection. That’s the first thing which strikes you when you watch Sabrina, an out and out mushy-romantic classic. She essays her role with such ease, that she makes Julie Ormond in the 1995 remake seem boring and, well, too plain.
The plot is essentially an ugly-duckling-transformation one, with two heroes thrown in to make matters interesting. Apparently, Humphrey Bogart and Hepburn didn’t get along during filming, but their professionalism manages to completely hide this fact. There’s nothing heavy or deep about this movie- in fact it’s the absolute simplicity which makes it such a wonderful movie! Watch it for Hepburn, watch it to get a taste of the B&W era, basically watch it 😛

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June 18, 2006 at 11:26 am

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