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Abhi jao chhodkar (although) dil abhi bharaa nahi

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When Viru had a bad phase he was dropped. Same was the case with Gauti and dada. Dhoni’s the captain, else he should (would?) had been dropped ages ago. The same rules however do not seem to apply to Sachin despite his fairly average form in the last 20 odd months. The only reason I don’t complain about this preferential treatment of Sachin is because …  well, it’s Sachin! I am (like a million others) his biggest fan. He’s the sole reason I still follow cricket. My biggest fear these days is that Sachin will one day get dropped – the boy man deserves to go out on his own terms. 

When Lata Mangeshkar continued to sing into the 2000s, I really wished she would stop. There were only so many songs you could listen to by accounting for the fact that the was into her seventh / eighth decade of professional singing. I wasn’t disrespecting her abilities or belittling what she had achieved. I only feared that she was sullying her own legacy. 

Sachin’s legacy is not just his runs – it’s the awe and respect he inspired in both teammates and opposition, and the joy he gave to his countless admirers. He might still have the ability to play on and accumulate runs and records, but it will be a sorry end to a glorious career if he stopped being the ‘Sachin’ I’ve loved and adored. With Ponting retiring, I doubt anyone (other than Kallis, maybe) will now be able to even come close to his stats. To put it In geek terms, the marginal benefit of him playing on is near zero.

He probably missed a golden chance to retire on 2nd April 2011. The most memorable moment of the World Cup for me was not Dhoni’s winning six over long-on – it was when Sachin was hoisted by his teammates on their shoulders in appreciation of him bearing the burden of the nation’s expectations for a good part of 2 decades. He again had an opportunity to do so when he reached that (fairly arbitrary) landmark of 100 international 100’s. He probably wants to go out with a bang – maybe if he wins us the final match at Nagpur with a fabulous hundred (or better, a double or a triple!), maybe he will retire. 

At the risk of sounding overtly dramatic and repeating myself, I will quote Harvey Dent here – “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

And that’s why I want him to retire.

(Posted in response to this post on this excellent blog by one of the most sports-enthusiastic people I’ve known)


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December 10, 2012 at 9:47 pm

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Those darned kids – or maybe not

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Overheard recently at a retirement home  –

Lady1 : (in a loud, booming voice) I tell you, kids these days say the darnest things ever!

Lady2: (getting nostalgic) Sigh. I love my grandkids and miss them sorely *mope* *sulk* *nostalgia* *repeat*

Lady3: (sensing something juicy) – @L1: Why do you say so?

Lady1: (enjoying the spotlight)  You know I went to London last month. (Pauses for effect). My son stays in ___, remember I told you about that?

Lady3: (impatiently, tersely) Yes. I don’t think you can let me forget that.

Lady1: So I go to my son’s house, and his 5-year old takes my hand (touches hand subconsciously) and starts showing me around the house. “This is my room, aaji (grandma). This is where I play with my toys <blah> <blah>.”

Lady3: How cute!

Lady2: (miffed because she’s being ignored) I. miss. my. grandkids. ahem.

Lady1: (now on a roll) Then she takes me to the a big bedroom and says, “This is daddy’s room. And this one (pointing to the one beside it) is mummy’s room. They have had their fill of each other by now plus we now have a big house, so they don’t need to sleep next to each other any longer.” Oh my god, I tell you, my son seriously had nothing to say! His face … (cracking up …)

Lady3: (mission accomplished) Lol! Seriously?! Enh… hee hee hee hee hee heenh (in a laughter which sounds eerily like Aishwarya Rai screechy giggle)

Lady2: Ass. You just told us that your son and his wife have marital issues. Are you sure that the KID is the dumbest person in your family?

Lady1: …

Me: WTF am I eavesdropping on old-lady gossip?

Speaking of retirement homes/ old-age centres – all those cliches we see and read everywhere are actually spot on. There are people with that glazed look in their eyes, as if their mind and their body manage to co-exist while living in different decades. There is a slowness to everything which can be quite infuriating if it wasn’t so sad. A retirement home is not necessarily a house for rejects, but it is the place where people go because they have become, in some way or the other, a burden to their loved ones. There are your usual loners, who hasten their departures by wallowing in the past, and then there are those boisterous ones who’ve most probably led quite nice lives and must often wonder how they landed up here in the first place.

It makes me resolve – I’d rather die young than live to an age of obscurity and dependence. And this a resolution for keeps, for sure.

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January 21, 2009 at 1:19 am

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