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Social Networking?

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I’m yet to decide whether I am glad or dejected because I haven’t been tagged in any of the viral things doing the rounds on Facebook these days – Wall photos, 25 things you didn’t know about me, songs which come to my mind first when I read this and other Notes. What I am fairly certain about, though, is how highly irritating these things have turned out to be. I find myself torn between 2 extreme emotions: despair at having my notifications page being bombarded with random alerts, and an intense urge to find out who is the sluttiest person in each of my acquaintances’ friend circles.

What is most irritating, especially about all the random lists people generate, is that most of the things people include are solely meant to be cute/funny and hence end up being quite unreal. I would be very interested in knowing if, for example, someone colour-coded his underpants to work, or things which turned people on (and off). But telling me that you like taking long walks or that you do/don’t cry that often is just a criminal waste of cyberspace. As a mark of protest, here’s my list of things (in no particular order) which I find quite irritating –

1. People who talk about themselves all the time, only to pause and let you talk about them. This can be especially irritating when you want to talk about yourself.

2. People who don’t follow loo etiquette. As if it isn’t scary enough that foot tapping while getting epiphanies can have risqué implications, it can be quite pathetic when people make small talk out of plain relief (no pun intended) or just to dispel uncomfortable silences. This includes saying stuff like ‘I’m so awesome’ on making surprising discoveries. (People also have a tendency to say the most ridiculous/scandalous things in office restrooms – it’s almost like they forget that they still are in office and can very easily be overheard).

3. (Picking up from the previous point) – People who find it absolutely essential to dispel uncomfortable silences. Uncomfortable silences have a very specific purpose in life – to make people uncomfortable and shut them up at the same time. Breaking them, then, is just plain unnecessary.

4. People who ask redundant questions – ‘Ooh did that hurt?‘ after stepping on your foot. ‘I’m sorry am I blocking your view?‘ after coming late to a cinema hall and ambling along to their seats with their eyes glued to the screen. ‘What do you think?‘ after having already decided to buy something and asking for a second opinion just to give you the illusion of relevance.

5. People screwing up their grammar. I know, this might sound a bit finicky, but when someone says ‘I forgotted …‘, what is said thereafter gets, well, forgotted. Or ‘No I didn’t gone.‘ Or ‘I does not do this.’ Or ‘He catched it so well.‘ Mildly irritating.

6. People who screw up my name. I’ve had a wide range of people from Credit card call centre representatives to Rating Agency helpdesk individuals giving me advice on how to pronounce and/or spell my name. How tough is it to accept that someone can be named Sujay and not Sanjay, Sujoy, Suja or (this I swear I am NOT making up) Suagy? How in god’s name do you even pronounce the last one?

7. Pseudo-secularists, because they are full of BS. And armchair critics, because their purpose of existence is as mysterious, if not more, than slugs and bedbugs.

8. Arabic football commentators. I went through the entire 1998 Football World Cup telecast on the (then) newly-launched Ten Sports channel genuinely believing that the ‘experts’ on TV had all been infected by the same strain of strep which made them cough/clear their throats while talking. And they had a very irritating habit of yelling Goaaal GOaaal GOAaaal GOAAAAL! in an infinite loop when … obvious. Same goes for Latin American commentators who shout ‘GOLAASO’ ‘GOOLAAASO’ with a similar passion and sense of urgency.

9. Indian cricket commentators. And Pakistani ones too. ‘Nuff said.

10. The new FB interface. It is not just irritating – it is quite crappy.

11. Over-exuberance.

12. Tomato skin. I’ve talked about this before in great detail.

13. Babies who cry in cinema halls. And parents who act like their kids will shut up if they are ignored. Kids cry because they need attention. Makes you revisit the principles of Idiocracy every single time.

14. Having to explain jokes, especially those which aren’t meant to be classics and have a very, very short shelf life (i.e. bad ones). I go through this particular agony almost every day.

15. People who oppose something (a team, an idea, anything) you support just to have a stand (or to piss you off). I refuse to argue with someone who argues for the sake of arguing.

16. Honking at red lights. There might very well be some deep-rooted pyschological/Freudian explanations for this phenomenon, but there is no doubt that this can get mighty irritating.

17. Atheists who are atheists because it is cool to be one. For that matter, anyone who is something just because it makes her cooler. Although for atheists, I think most of the times they are (as a thumb rule) a little bit irritating anyway. Same goes for PETAmaniacs.

18. French footballers and Australian cricketers. I have no rational justification for this, though.

19. People who post ‘Sorry for not blogging in a long time …’ or ‘Blogging has been slow because …’. Seriously, the world has existed and will continue to exist without your contributions to cyber-literature.

20. People who add unnecessary points to lists just to have a ‘nice’ number of entries.

(This list is not exhaustive and is likely to swell with the passage of time. The round number of entries right now is purely coincidental, and doesn’t contradict point # 20. )


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March 26, 2009 at 6:17 pm

Inspired … Copied … Same difference?!

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Growing up on a staple diet of Hindi films and their music, I’ve often seen/ heard people go ‘WTF? (…) song is so shamelessly copied from (…) by (…) group‘, or ‘How morally deprived the music composers must be, to go and lift a song note-to-note, word-to-word.’ We then go on to sigh nostalgically, ‘Rock in the 70s and 80s was truly special. Rock today is just plain stone.‘ Why point fingers at other people?- I have done that most of the times, cribbing about the lack of ingenuity/ originality/ shame in today’s generation. I guess people enjoy pointing out imitations because it boosts the ego tremendously (‘Ha! My knowledge base is huge. You can’t dupe me, nasty composer‘) or because they feel angry and hurt on getting duped (it’s a bit of egg-on-your-face if you actually end up liking the rip-off).

Take this song I am currently listening too – ‘Iris’ by ‘Goo Goo Dolls’. It’s heavily inspired by the song ‘Pianoman’ by’Stevie Wonder’ (if you don’t believe me, youtube the two songs successively). Ideally, I should revolt against this scandalous behaviour by the doll people and register my objection by not listening to the song at all. But strangely, I don’t do that. My anger has surprisingly been replaced by acceptance and even a hint of appreciation- so what if it is a copy? The result is not that bad, innit? Just to emphasize – I probably wouldn’t listen to Mr. Wonder over and over again, but I just listened to the Googoos thrice in a row.

I sense an insight here – maybe, perhaps maybe it is ok to make concessions once in a while; maybe we should get off our high horses and accept that copying/ getting inspired is not as bad a thing as it is painted to be. Maybe it’s better to recycle old, good stuff than have crappy stuff thrown at you under the label of ‘originality’. (I know this smacks of resignation and an unwillingness to protest – so be it).

Of course, it would be wonderful if the ‘copier’ acknowledges the source or the ‘copiee’. (unintentional connection: copiee … love storeee!) 😛

Written by sujaybedekar

January 28, 2008 at 12:11 pm

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