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Why this whole thing is just so wrong

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These terrorists put in so much of effort, time and money into planning something so elaborate – all so that they could go and kill people. Not people of a particular group or ideology or country, but just so that they could go and kill people. It was like they weren’t satisfied with your typical FPS games and needed something more exciting to calm their whacked-out systems.

They killed innocent people. With glee. At CST, they killed a female who was shreiking as she ran towards the door. Then they killed a small child which was presumably disturbing them with its crying. They shot at people who were running because they were running, and then at people who weren’t running because they weren’t. They killed 57 people in this manner.

They then got into cars and went on a killing spree, specifically targeting policemen. They said (those who got captured later, that is) that they were ‘trying to avoid’ people who seemed Muslim. Clearly, they succeeded spectacularly at the former, and failed miserably at the latter.

There was one T actually hiding with a group of hostages until they were calm, and then opened fire and killed them all. And felt pretty proud doing this, I’m sure.

There were these 2 people who were holed up in the storage section of the Taj, and one of them was unfortunate enough to have his phone ring just as he was peeking out to check whether it was ok to run. He never answered that call as  a bullet shattered his skull. His friend stayed hidden with his corpse for hours after that.

I had to subject myself to torture of the highest degree thanks to the craziness going in South Mumbai and the constant stream of ridiculousness and absurdity being beamed into my living room by the ‘exclusive’ reports. The only sane channel was DD News, and that was only because all they were doing was counting off the number of countries who had sent in their condolences. I’ve had a long standing disrespect for the media, especially the Indian guys, and this catastrophe has strengthened my disdain for them.

I was moved when Mr. R. R. Patil, the Dy. CM of Maharashtra, showed emotion and a genuine resolve while talking to reporters. This was of course on a lesser watched Marathi channel because he was not a savvy or sweet-talking ass like most of the people who were hogging MY TIME on the top news channels. On being asked about the nationalities of the terrorists, he just couldn’t continue with the facade of diplomacy and political correctness, and yelled out – “They were Pakistanis. This is a conspiracy of the worst kind, and I will personally do something about this. I promise. They will pay.” This was followed by a vehement “Mera Bharat Mahan” addressed to a particularly loud section of the crowd there. It was at that moment I realized how much we underestimate the power of politics- no matter how horrible these folks might be, they have the responsibility (and quite often the ability) to rally a huge mass of people …

… and then came on our Home Minister Shivraj Patil followed by our Prime Minister Dr. Singh, who assured us that they were very ‘distressed’ and ‘appalled’. They conveyed defeat, confusion and helplessness so effectively, that in one stroke they managed to crush all my hope and optimism. I was led me back to the well-trodden path of cynicism and disgust. Gah.

– I was astonished to find people complaining about the long time it was taking for the rescue operations to complete. As if they couldn’t had been greater asses, these people then went on to crib about how they still couldn’t see security elsewhere in Mumbai. OMFG. I would had lost it then and there itself, but my sis told me about the story of some hostages who were rescued by an NSG soldier. His assurance made me forget the braying going on on TV – “Don’t panic. Don’t fear. I’m here to protect you. The first bullet will have to pass through me before you are harmed. I WILL get you out.” And it was all ok.

– I have always had a fondness for those trivial, insignificant things which make everyday an interesting day worth living and which distract you at least for some time from the humungous problems currently besieging us. These attacks made me guilty about being interested in trivial things. It made me feel immensely dissatisfied with all that I have done so far, am doing currently and I will be doing in the short-term future. I felt like the the stray dog below (from the Big Picture, #28), who suddenly realizes that he’s in unfamiliar territory – it looks and smells like the same place he’s frequented all his life, but something has changed irrevocably. And that pisses him off as well.

Because nobody except us has the right to change anything in our country. Nobody.


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November 29, 2008 at 4:35 pm

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Why Aamir Can, and does most of the times

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– He talks to the media only when he feels like it, which pisses off most people but at the same time leaves them hungry for more. And he does seem to care a lot about his fans, which is good I guess (Sample – his blog)

– He mouths a lot of bull about damming/ running issues almost as if his conscience has occasional reminders of its existence, but quickly zips it and goes back to what he’s good at – making films.

– He is slow and elaborate to the point of being didactic and almost boring, but still people listen to his opinions.

– He is (apparently) extremely nosy, laborious and interfering in all movies he’s a part of, and still people want to work with him.

– He is extremely picky as far as endorsement choices go, which has made him a mega-brand in India. Sample this –

Before he endorsed the Samsung Beat 450 phone by goinb ‘Oooh Aaah’ and all tingly in his Jarhead-Ghajini hairstyle, the mobile handset market was dominated by the Big 4 – a) Nokia (very reliable, high resale value, easiest to get hold of phone chargers for handsets); b) Sony-Ericsson (low resale value, generally classy and pretty, good music and picture-taking abilities); c) Motorola (People either like it or hate it. Me in second category); d) LG (Only if you use a CDMA phone). People have suddenly woken up to the possibility that life can exist outside these Four. Exceeds expectations as far as brand impact is concerned, wot say?

– He makes an awesome movie like Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na without people realizing that a) he didn’t really make it , and b) it isn’t really that awesome. His major contribution to the movie is his nephew Imran Khan (who’s so white that making him stand next to most Indian folks might seem racist). I doubt Aamir can take too much credit for Imran’s existence though.

(More about JTYJN later)

– He promotes movies he’s associated with with a mad energy, voluntarily appearing on arbit quiz shows like 10 Ka Dum . The show’s host has an extremely confused accent when he exhorts the contestants with stuff like ‘Aawo Khey-le Dyus-Ka-Dyumm‘. He also displays an intense urge to strip and ask ridiculous questions like ‘What percent of Indian males wash their undies?’.

– He says Baalls to people who request him to postpone movie releases. Of course, this might probably be because he has already had a sneak peek of what/ whom he’ll be doing a favour and feels that it is his moral obligation to ensure that people are NOT subject to the most extreme form of torture in the form of pink-haired heroines whose fingers have a mind of their own, unoriginal heroes who are doomed to fail from the outset or shady teddy bears who make shady noises and do lots of shady stuff.

– He also says Baalls to the infinite movie awards which happen almost every week because he can never be a part of the fraternity. He is however supremely delighted when feted with much a less glamorous award like the Dinanath Mangeshkar award, ready to even hobble along on crutches to receive the honour.

– He gets terrorist threats from folks who managed to f**k up their timer wirings and still seems fairly unfazed and earnest when he talks about how tough it is for the Police to police and all.

He does all this, because he Khan.

Sorry for the interruption (and the very bad pun)

Ed: Here is Baradwaj Rangan being super eloquent on the same topic.

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August 7, 2008 at 3:50 pm

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February 12, 2008 at 2:30 pm

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Fall and dust yourself

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A latino window cleaner by the name of Alcides Moreno fell 47-stories, went into a coma, realized that it was a pretty boring place to be in, came out and gave a lot of joy to Americans. Bravo I say. Hallelujah, in fact.

(This has inspired some folks to advise How best to fall 47 stories, while some have drawn parallels between the window cleaners dive and the state of the Republican party). One more bravo for that.

My two pence on the topic –

1. Alcides fell 47 stories and still survived. Bill Clinton managed to tell 47 stories and still survived. The former has been explained as being not really a miracle using simple laws of physics. The latter continues to be a source of great wonderment even now. Isn’t the second incident more miraculous?

2. The dude will probably get a lot of praise and applause and become the posterboy for all evangelists who have already gone into a Praise-the-Lord overdrive, and then some more. Hope will reign supreme once again. Atheists will have to endure ‘Ha-in-your-face-suckers!’ for quite some time. Things will generally be happy and magical for quite some time.

3. After the dust has somewhat settled, Alcides will get penalised for not taking appropriate safety measures. People will then go on to blame celebrities (because that’s what he will have become by then) for being irresponsible and bad idols for today’s youth. This will be held to be just another example of the decaying morality of the society, which can be controlled only by banning morality altogether.

4. A tape of Alcides-caught-in-the-act will become the newest Utube phenomenon. The pathetic lighting and amateurish camerawork will urge people to take up ‘Shoot-your-own-video’ classes, just in case they do become popular.

5. Finally (in all probability), he’ll get deported back to Puerto Rico or Mehico or the place where most window cleaners/gardeners/odd-jobs-types people are born.

P.S.: I’m not being racist or discriminatory here – Do I take offense when people call me a nerd because of my academic/ national background? (I don’t). After all, do the hispanics object when people assume them to be godmax salsa dancers by default? This btw reminds me of a Russell Peters video where he pokes fun at racism and says how sometimes it can actually be quite fun – google it.

PS2: The post-tone is inspired by this super-hilarious-albeit-somewhat-long post.

PS3: Someone loan me one. Please. Pretty please! <eye flutter>

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January 15, 2008 at 4:47 pm

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