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How about uncomplicating Geometry

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Warning: Slightly geeky post. Might end up being slightly more geeky than ‘slightly geeky’.

It was back in those days, when ancient history was current affairs; when pigs had just sprouted wings (yes, swine flew); when the Indian cricket team was eternally underachieving and when the English football team was hugely overrated. This was when I was about nine, although not much seems to have changed since.

Anyhoo – I used to walk to school back then, a nice little 20 minute trudge with my lil’ sis yakking away, both of us discussing with equal ease a range of topics from problems afflicting humankind to the weird dressing sense of some of our teachers.

Our standard route to school was as follows –


My building was not a funny piece of architecture, my MS Paint skills are a wee bit limited.

I was quite fascinated by the fact that, just by taking the diagonal through the vacant lot, I could cut down on my distance quite substantially. This led me to hypothesize that, for any given triangle, if a, b, c are the lengths of its sides, then always,

a < b+c, etc.

As obvious as this may seem to some now, my nine year old mind found it immensely gratifying that I had proven this by using, of all things, unused land. I promptly went and told this to my teacher, who:

1. Asked me to curb my enthusiasm as this was not really that path-breaking a discovery. Some greek guy had already postulated this a very long time ago. This, btw, is one of the reasons why I sometimes crib about being born so late in history- all the simple things have already been discovered, so now all your efforts are just an increment/ improvement on existing stuff. Or you need to come up with something too radical. Damn.

2. Put me down for my arrogance and called me delusional and fairly full of myself for actually believing that I was the first person ever to have figured this out. She didn’t particularly like me and thought that I was an insufferable smart-ass because I wasn’t humble enough after scoring well in class. Clearly, my childhood was fairly traumatic.

3. Told me that I needed to prove stuff in geometry with something more substantial than arbitrary lots.

Rebukes 1 and 2 would had surely pushed me into depression – thankfully, I was never particularly fond of this ma’am, so I didn’t get too worked up about her comments. Plus she talked in a weird way too, not that it is relevant here, but still …

However, in response to point 3, I took out a rubber band I happened to have in my pocket; stretched it out around my thumb and forefinger; and pointed it out to her that, just by stretching out one side, I could recreate any triangle. The fact that I had to stretch the band implied that the length had increased. Clearly, a is, indeed, less than b + c.


She then asked me (ordered, rather) that I should not bother myself with stuff which was ‘out of syllabus.’

It took me four long years after this incident to be  ‘completely equipped with the requisite techniques’ to prove this inequality. The proof (here, if you are actually interested) is nice, but it is as boring as you expect geometry proofs to be.

So how about uncomplicating Geometry?

This post is a result of two things: the daily five minute walk I take from my office complex entrance to my workplace, and this piece titled ‘Do dogs know Calculus?‘ (alternate link here) that I read a few days ago (via Boiledbeans)


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August 24, 2009 at 10:23 am

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Why ‘The Matrix’ is the truest test of nerdiness

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A.k.a. You know you are a nerd if you liked ‘The Matrix’ movie trilogy because –

– You don’t have the faintest of ideas as to what Morpheus means when he goes on and on about the red pill and the blue pill, but you still are like ‘Yeah man. I totally get it dood!‘ .

– You believe that understanding what Morpheus is saying makes you cool.

– Only you can get turned on by the sight of random green numbers flashing on a dark black screen. In fact, most probably you have that as your computer (and mobile) screensaver.

– You also ‘totally get it’ when Neo stops bullets by asking them to stop. You would go and try it yourself, but can find no volunteers for Neo.

– You don’t start fantasizing when Persephone (Monica Bellucci) makes out with Neo, not even when she gets all lipsy with Niobe. But your imagination goes into overdrive when Trinity asks Tank (the ‘operator’ on the Nebuchadnezzar) to instantly upload into her (Trinity’s) brain instructions for flying an extremely complex helicopter.

Stream of consciousness: How awesome would it be if stuff could be uploaded at will. First things I would upload are this and this. After I upload this first, of course.

– You can find a ship called ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ cool, mainly because you can spell it and because you think you know the reason for such a vague name.

– You appreciate the fact that Trinity does an >su root before hacking into the mainframe because it appeals to your infinite knowledge of Linux.

New stream: Dude, unless she has root access, it is obvious that she can’t do anything. Linux is just built that way. Linux is awesome. All hail freeware. Down with Microsoft and all greedy corporates in general. Computer are like air conditioners: they stop working when you open windows. Linux is very user-friendly – it’s just selective about people it is friends with. People who can’t use Linux are worthy of scorn and derision. So too are people who don’t get this –

duh. Sudo. duhMr. Anderson ...

– You chuckle to yourself and nod vehemently until you get a neck sprain when Agent Smith says things like ‘humans are a disease, like a virus which needs to be wiped out‘, or ‘human beings are the simplest forms of electric energy‘, and genuinely wish to believe that you are NOT one of those humans he refers to.

– You can spot these many goofs and these many symbolisms in one single movie.

– You understand all references I make in this post.

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February 25, 2008 at 7:39 pm

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