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It’s February and I am happy

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February has never been my favourite month of the year… until now 🙂

October will always be speshul for many reasons (spelling inspired by Lolcats– brilliantly hilarious site, although I have a lingering suspicion that it is not as clean a site as it seems to be) . December and January are nice too, because I like the new-yearly thingies people do. February always felt like the English football team – famous in spite of- rather because of- a clear lack of numbers.

Anyhoo, February started off with me meeting up with a friend from school days, who’s doing mighty fine – best of luck to him for his ‘kaarporet’ life. Then was the Manchester United – Tottenham Hotspurs game, which was a nail-biter (lots of nail-biting actually happened). Man U equalized in the very last minute of injury time, although one could argue that the goal Spurs scored should had been disallowed for handball …

Then came the Derby. A once a year event (i think), it seems strange now that how come I never went to one so far, having stayed all my life in Mumbai. This was near the top of the strange-how-come-never-done-so-far list, coming in after “OMG I haven’t watched a cricket match at the Wankhede stadium for like ever”. There was drama right from getting hold of people to come along (rubbed a few people the wrong way in the process) to getting the crap scared out of you when you innocently talk on the phone and some random fellow pats you on the back and tells you – ‘You’d better put that inside kid, you’ll get fined a cool seven grand if someone sees you using it here.’ The races were brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The weather was awesome. No favourite won, which meant that all odds and analyses went for a toss. Watching people wandering around with huge wads of 1000-rupee notes was amazing, although it made me feel somewhat inadequate. And I finally got to use ‘lambi race ka ghoda’ in a literal sense.

Then we moved on to Andheri, where I finally bought a watch which costs more than the legal minimum daily wage. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was on discount, which I discovered (rather, my mom did) after going home. This does imply that my ability to estimate watch prices is not that great, but let’s pass that for now.

Then came Monday, which was bonus day, which was not too bad.

Then came Tuesday, when my boss in Mumbai nonchalantly informed us (me and my desk-mate Prady) that we’ll be going to New York by the end of this month. This signifies a big step up in work, and is probably the right tonic to make me work harder. The day ended with me watching two diametrically opposite movies at Ravi-Mota’s place:

First was ‘The Angrez‘- a movie which has apparently achieved cult status in the Indian grad circuit. Especially worth a look are the old Hyderabadi lingo parts (sample).

Second was Fight Club, which was funny because (i)the last time I watched this was in 1st/2nd year in college, and (ii) I happen to be reading the book right now, and I think it is written quite well.

Then came Wednesday, when I treated my family to a nice little dinner, which is always nice.

Today is Thursday. It’s 9 degrees Celsius outside, which finally gives me a valid reason to wear my Manchester United sweater to work without being ill in the first place. In a few hours, there’s going to be a team-bulding excercise a.k.a. party a.k.a. free booze and food at the company’s expense for GFFX (Global Finance Foreign Exchange, my team@work). This has been planned again by Prady and me. The phaartay will happen at the unimaginatively/arrogantly titled The Club, which holds a special place in Maharashtrian history because it has the honour of being Madhuri Dixit’s wedding hall choice (either that, or she was engaged there. One of the two for sure). Had the place not been so ridiculously expensive, there would had been advance bookings running into decades by now.

Tomorrow and the day-after also have the makings of pretty hep-&-happening days. For someone like me who is used to leading a fairly quiet (dull?) life, this is a big deal 🙂

Disclaimer: If I sound like a bad parody of Audi, it’s entirely coincidental. Seriously.


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February 7, 2008 at 5:13 pm