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Indian Idol 5 scribbles

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– The winner’s been a foregone conclusion for quite a while. I do feel that Sreeram tends to go nasal at times, and not awesome-nasal like Himesh-ManWithTheGoldenNose-Reshammiya does. Nevertheless, he has a solid range and a solid voice, so the desh ki awaaz this time round is a good choice.

– All singers who forged ahead this year were quite talented (with the notable exception of the zonked out bong chick who would always sing at least one line out of tune in each song and who was kinda-hot but kinda-crap), credit for which goes to the jhujjes.

– Most of the changes which were made to the show were good changes – everyone singing songs on the same theme or of the same actor or by the same composer was nice, because it set the mood for each episode quite well while also reducing (if not removing) the problems when you have to compare two singers in the same episode.

– There was no bitching or screaming at any point of time, making it the cleanest reality show I’ve watched in a long time (or ever, possibly). There was that one time, though, when the contestants were asked to rate each other, and the pagdidhaari Swarup Khan gave someone 7 points because that fellow had given him 7 points just before that 😛

– Thankfully, no one from the Eastern/ North-Eastern part of India made it to the final rounds – the last two seasons were ruined because strictly average singers from that region were generally helped along by regional voting biases. Anyone who disagrees is politely asked to name the winner of Indian Idol 3 or what was the name of his album, if at all he did release any. Hence Proved.

– It was nice to see pretty celebrities (some, like Kangana Ranaut and Sonam Kapoor, looking prettier than the rest) come and fawn over the supreme singing talents of one and all, although, praising Anu Malik’s histrionics was taking things a bit too far. The show however almost ended up becoming a platform for publicizing all new movies. Almost.

– If anyone used the show in the best possible way (and I don’t say this out of appreciation), it was Aamir Khan. People came on the show to promote their movies, this chap came on the first time to promote a TV telecast of his 6-month old movie – at the most, he gets points for dedication, nothing more. Then, he engineered the lamest ‘Judges Veto’ to save the saddest and sentiest singer of the lot from getting eliminated. And to top it all, he tried to convince people that he was doing the show (and everyone watching it) a huge favour by bringing along the entire cast of his latest movie. As if that wasn’t already painful, he then went on to introduce each and every character of the movie after each performance, romanticizing about how lovely the audition process was for each actor and how talented each person associated with the movie was! Mind-halwa becomes.

– Although unintentional, the show was also a lesson in humility for the contestants because they had a constant reminder of what the whole shebang could get them four-five years down the line if they didn’t take care: a position as the co-host on the same show, along with the honour of being the butt of most jokes!

@Abhijit Sawant, shite luck my boy. To be honest, you were always second best to Rahul Vaidya, and the ass lost out only because he was too full of himself.

– The judges were irritating most of the times, but well within bearable limits:

Anu Malik was too busy with either coming up with the next crappy shayari/limerick/haiku or telling each singer that (s)he was going to be next Indian Idol for sure. As a result, his personal ego trips and ego clashes with other judges were virtually non-existent. I guess he realized that not everyone (no one, actually) can be Simon Cowell.

Salim kept giving his left-3/4th profile while smiling+blushing simultaneously and telling each singer that he hoped (s)he would become the next Indian Idol. Each song would be followed by an amazed comment on the lines of ‘This song is so tough, it’s quite awesome that you selected it and nibhaoed it so dil se‘. The probability of this comment was increased drastically if the song had even an iota of a contribution from him.

Sunidhi was busy either wearing hot clothes, looking quite hot, praising people for how cute/ sexy they were and how well they ‘performed’, breaking into renditions of songs just sung to assuage her ego (and deflate the contestant’s ego) or secretly asking the special guests to request her to sing songs with infinite ‘variation’ and ‘vibration’. Good thing for her that she is hot, and that she can actually sing quite well.


Note #1. I watched barely a handful of episodes live on TV, praise the lord for youtube. As a result, I didn’t have to endure crazy stuff like random product placement, shady advertising, givvup stuff like giving eliminated contestants some random Nokia phone so that they didn’t lose ‘naata with duniya of music‘, or having other shows on the same channel being promoted on this one (and vice versa).

Note #2. As mentioned before, I usually find the preliminary elimination rounds far more enjoyable than the later rounds, and this was true this year round as well.

Note #3. From the previous year, Sonali Bendre was sorely missed for her pearly whites and the occasional pearls of wisdom, ’cause Sunidhi was no match for her whatsoever. Javed Akhtar, on the other hand, was not missed one bit except when people wanted to hear lisped, tongue-sticking-out versions of complex Urdu words like tallaffoos,  taqalluf or alfaas.

Note #4: The next season of EPL couldn’t have started at a better time. No time to ask – ‘Next Is What?’ I am curious to see, though, whether Sreeram becomes an idol or idle. Waqt batayega. The juggernaut rolls on anyway.


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August 16, 2010 at 2:44 am

Why Aamir Can, and does most of the times

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– He talks to the media only when he feels like it, which pisses off most people but at the same time leaves them hungry for more. And he does seem to care a lot about his fans, which is good I guess (Sample – his blog)

– He mouths a lot of bull about damming/ running issues almost as if his conscience has occasional reminders of its existence, but quickly zips it and goes back to what he’s good at – making films.

– He is slow and elaborate to the point of being didactic and almost boring, but still people listen to his opinions.

– He is (apparently) extremely nosy, laborious and interfering in all movies he’s a part of, and still people want to work with him.

– He is extremely picky as far as endorsement choices go, which has made him a mega-brand in India. Sample this –

Before he endorsed the Samsung Beat 450 phone by goinb ‘Oooh Aaah’ and all tingly in his Jarhead-Ghajini hairstyle, the mobile handset market was dominated by the Big 4 – a) Nokia (very reliable, high resale value, easiest to get hold of phone chargers for handsets); b) Sony-Ericsson (low resale value, generally classy and pretty, good music and picture-taking abilities); c) Motorola (People either like it or hate it. Me in second category); d) LG (Only if you use a CDMA phone). People have suddenly woken up to the possibility that life can exist outside these Four. Exceeds expectations as far as brand impact is concerned, wot say?

– He makes an awesome movie like Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na without people realizing that a) he didn’t really make it , and b) it isn’t really that awesome. His major contribution to the movie is his nephew Imran Khan (who’s so white that making him stand next to most Indian folks might seem racist). I doubt Aamir can take too much credit for Imran’s existence though.

(More about JTYJN later)

– He promotes movies he’s associated with with a mad energy, voluntarily appearing on arbit quiz shows like 10 Ka Dum . The show’s host has an extremely confused accent when he exhorts the contestants with stuff like ‘Aawo Khey-le Dyus-Ka-Dyumm‘. He also displays an intense urge to strip and ask ridiculous questions like ‘What percent of Indian males wash their undies?’.

– He says Baalls to people who request him to postpone movie releases. Of course, this might probably be because he has already had a sneak peek of what/ whom he’ll be doing a favour and feels that it is his moral obligation to ensure that people are NOT subject to the most extreme form of torture in the form of pink-haired heroines whose fingers have a mind of their own, unoriginal heroes who are doomed to fail from the outset or shady teddy bears who make shady noises and do lots of shady stuff.

– He also says Baalls to the infinite movie awards which happen almost every week because he can never be a part of the fraternity. He is however supremely delighted when feted with much a less glamorous award like the Dinanath Mangeshkar award, ready to even hobble along on crutches to receive the honour.

– He gets terrorist threats from folks who managed to f**k up their timer wirings and still seems fairly unfazed and earnest when he talks about how tough it is for the Police to police and all.

He does all this, because he Khan.

Sorry for the interruption (and the very bad pun)

Ed: Here is Baradwaj Rangan being super eloquent on the same topic.

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August 7, 2008 at 3:50 pm

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Andaz Apna Apna (1994) (****)

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Genre- Comedy

One of the best slapstick movies i have ever seen. The storyline is quirky, the characters are more or less caricatures, but i sure as hell ain’t complaining! A total laugh riot, the best thing in the movie is the total detachment from anything serious- nowhere does the movie make any observations or anything- it’s meant to be an outright mad movie, and succeeds commendably. The dialogues+ direction by Rajkumar Santoshi are awesome, but it is the performances by the lead pair- Aamir Khan and Salman Khan who are amazing. Aamir Khan especially displays a near-perfect comic timing, and this is movie is a must watch at least for his performance. Ably supported by a then-not-so-well-established Paresh Rawal, the movie rocks!The heroines are mostly cosmetic- but then most hindi actresses are that anyway 😛

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June 17, 2006 at 2:01 pm