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Resolutions – I has dem

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I was reminded of a post I saw quite some time ago on kottke regarding Twitter trends at this New Year. It (the post) mentioned how people included booze-related keywords like ‘hangover’ and ‘alcohol’ more frequently when they are twittering closer to the weekend than around Wednesday.

If a similar twitter trend was to be done for the word ‘resolution’, I’m pretty sure it would spike real hard in the first and last weeks of the year and would be relatively lull in between (unless people upgraded their computers and got better monitors).

Trying to validate this hypothesis, my resolution for the year is three-point-five-fold –

1.  This is the year I will be a strict conformist (not that I have been particularly anarchist/ non-conformist in the past). Specifically, my aim is to limit my book-reading to entries in this list. I’ve read so far just 10 out of all these, and had never heard of almost half of these until recently, so it is a fairly unrealistic resolution yes. End of specifics.

2. I will try to explore more the field of behavorial economics – or whatever the field of economics the freakonomics guys are experts of. (The book is not quite as cool as the blog is, btw.)

3. I will visit one new country this year – and not just so that I can add new pins to my Cities Visited facebook app.

3.5. A mini-resolution – to not save posts as drafts too often and to post them instead.

The fate of my 2008 resolutions has not been that great –

1. Stop wasting time on pointless stuff, and waste time on relevant stuff. Corr: be less ambiguous/ obscure FAIL
2.1 Stop cracking crappy jokes which test the limits of patience of unfortunate people who happen to be in the vicinity. FAIL
2.2. Be more respectful, less rude, more polite, more punctuational (i.e. use better punctuation) – in general be a more boring person, just to see what it feels like. somewhat FAIL
3. Not drink more than once a week, and not drink on 3 consecutive weeks. occasional  FAIL
4. Stop resolving to get into shape and actually get into shape (Not intended to sound like Neo. Stop trying to hit me and hit me’ ) – PASS then FAIL
5. Stop resolving to go get myself a girl, because it seems like a waste of a resolution – epic PASS, which by itself is an epic FAIL
6. Embark on one memorable >=7 day trip (preferably solo), inside or outside India. – PASS, Thankfully.
7. Watch a match at Old Trafford Almost PASS  (I watched one at Stamford Bridge. Old Trafford, here I come this year! )

As part of my resolve to accomplish resolution 1, I’ve already created an elaborate spreadsheet with macros and all to document my progress. All I need to do now is just sit and read 🙂

Hopefully, this will be the year of optimism and great motivation and minimal financial shocks. Amen


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January 7, 2009 at 7:52 pm

Aamir (2008)

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Most movies crave for hype. Aamir was released without anAamir (2008)y hype or real promotion, but it picked up purely on word-of-mouth publicity, which is probably the truest test of how good a movie is. But by the time I watched it, the movie had been so trumped up, it didn’t seem to be that good.

<digression> I’ve often heard people say mouth-to-mouth publicity instead of word-of-mouth, and I have without fail imagined lifeguards in red bikinis coming to rescue folks. Every time. </digression>

The actor is a revelation – one of those few actors to go from TeeVee to MooVee quite effortlessly – although I must confess I’ve never quite seen any of TV series. The characters are played quite brilliantly by all actors (mostly Marathi actors, which is a sad reflection on the current state of Marathi cinema. Again I must confess, I don’t watch it much 😦 ). The story is quite standard but the plot is very nicely written (my English Lit. prof. must be so happy I finally understood the difference). Calling this movie a copy of Phonebooth is like saying The Thin Red line is a ripoff of Saving Private Ryan. The qawwaali in the movie is quite nice too.

And yet, the movie leaves you unsatisfied. Why? I explain with the help of my source of daily rozi-roti i.e. MS Excel.

Fraction of Movie completed Stage in the movie Nice? (Normalised w.r.t. Initial Hype)
-0.2 Initial Hype – Awesome! 1
0 Start (Missed first 10 minutes) 😦 0
0.2 The first twist (Taxi scene) 0.5
0.4 The Dongri scene (filled with crap) 0.7
0.6 The tale of the two sisters 0.8
0.8 Retrieves bag (Refer Video) 1.1
0.9 Final twist in the bus 1.3
0.95 The slo-mo in the end -0.1
1 Fini 0.7

In true analyst, here’s an overdose of the same information – but this time as a graph. Aamir (2008) - Niceness plot

Clearly, Average (0.667) < Hype (1). Hence proved.

I still give it 3 stars. And I do think that people should stop inserting redemption for kaum (community) in every movie with Muslim characters (e.g. Shaurya).

Ed: I’m not alone in the disappointment/ sense of being let down. PFC and J Ramanand concur too, apparently.

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June 25, 2008 at 1:33 pm

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