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I’m sexist and I (don’t) know it

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(Office meeting room, everyone’s discussing who to take along for some pre-placement talks)

Dude: “So it’s final then, it will be us eight men going to the campus tomorrow?”
HR Lady1: “Sorry, this group of people doesn’t demonstrate diversity at our workplace.”
Dude: “What do you mean? We can’t invite Chinese and American guys if they don’t work here”
HR Lady1: (clearly, she’s done this before) “I meant gender diversity” (you muppet, she leaves out)
Dude: “Why, but you and HR Lady2 will be there, no?”
HR Lady1: “So you want to send the message that women are welcome here but only in HR? Should we take the secretaries as well?”
Dude: (still struggling but mercifully giving up) “Ok fine, then who do we take?”
Me: “Well, Lady3 is a good choice, would have been a good choice anyway. I wouldn’t recommend we tell her to come for diversity purposes though … ”
Dude: “Ok we will ask her to come then. But I have to say that this is fine for this campus since it is a local one. It will be tough to go to Campus2 because that involves having to fly out and then stay over the whole weekend.”
Me: “Why is that a problem?”
Dude: “See, usually we take senior people. If we take a senior female employee, then invariably she will be married, most likely with kids. So she only will prefer to stay at home than spend the weekend away from family.”
Me: Too stunned to speak
HR Lady1: No response. But her eyes are saying “Don’t bother”

To come for an interview or not.
To wear ‘revealing’clothes or not.
To have sex or not.
To marry or not.
To have an abortion or not.

How about we let the women decide what they want rather than us imposing our ‘best intentions’?


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July 31, 2017 at 3:03 pm

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