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I must have been around 14 then. I was at a BTS (Bombay Talent Search!) class I used to enjoy a lot- they used to teach us ‘advanced’ biology and physics and maths which I could geek out on. I enjoyed it so much, that I used to willingly sacrifice 3/4 hours of each Sunday for it.

So yes, it was one of those days, we’re sitting in class, learning about Pauli’s exclusion principle, but none of us could concentrate for a change. We were all focused on things happening in Chennai. The Indian cricket team, especially back then, was very fond of self-destruction.  Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. In those days, they would consistently get outplayed by Pakistan – I know it’s just a game, but that was still considered unpatriotic treachery.

So there we were, but this time the team looked like it actually wanted to win and was playing ok. Our professor told us that there was no point in continuing with the class since everyone (including him, I’m sure) clearly had other things on his/her mind. Besides, someone really special was playing really well. So, we all ran home to watch the match.

Everyone knows what happened next. That player’s back acted up. He continued playing through the pain with a red band around his lower back which I remember vividly. He took us so close, then got out. Then the whole team crumbled, and they lost.

He cried for two days after that, they say. It must have hurt, to be surrounded by such mediocrity. To have had to suffer such disappointment over and over again. But he picked himself up and didn’t lose his passion. He continued with the same love and excitement for 14 glorious more years. Yes, he got selfish for the records and for the occasional glory. Yes, he got way too much time than anyone else would have just because he was going for a 100th hundred. Big deal, I say.

He gave us a lot of moments to cherish – the mauling of the ozzies in 98. That series in Sharjah. WC2003, especially that match at the Centurion. The Hero Cup. That double hundred in Australia without a single run on the off side. That double against safa.The WC2011 victory parade where Virat echoed the feelings of so many others. But for some reason, his performance in that loss against Pakistan in Chennai is the one I remember the most.

It’s sinking in only now that the Indian cricket team will no longer have that guy walk in at #4. Never again, after November.
To quote umpteen commentators and players- What. A. Player.

Thanks for all those memories Sachin, my life would had been infinitely duller without you. Thank you and best of luck. You will be sorely missed, but at least I can watch football guilt free now.


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October 13, 2013 at 12:21 pm

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