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Eurozone crisis – Mahabharata style

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From an intellectual Skype chat …

Sujaykumar Bedekar: it's not pretty mate, the market right now
Amool Paranjpe: whats going on?
Sujaykumar Bedekar: return of the drachma, i suspect
Sujaykumar Bedekar: making olives the official currency, maybe
Sujaykumar Bedekar: of greece
Amool Paranjpe: that seems inevitable
Amool Paranjpe: damned if u do damned if u dont sort of situation isnt it?
Sujaykumar Bedekar: yes
Amool Paranjpe: it probably sounds very simplistic and naive
Amool Paranjpe: and possibly incomplete too
Amool Paranjpe: but how did they ever think a single currency with variable fiscal policy was ever going to work?
Sujaykumar Bedekar: aah, hindsight
Amool Paranjpe: its like saying lets all share a bowel but we'll all individually decide when to take a dump
Sujaykumar Bedekar: lol
Sujaykumar Bedekar: it's a bit like draupadi and her 5 pandav
Sujaykumar Bedekar: and sahdev gives her aids
Amool Paranjpe: hahaha
Sujaykumar Bedekar: and fcks everyone up
Amool Paranjpe: hahahahaha
Sujaykumar Bedekar: i think this conversation is share-worthy :P
Amool Paranjpe: yes yes i agree
Amool Paranjpe: that was a pretty good one
Amool Paranjpe: sh*t it had me in stitches
Sujaykumar Bedekar: heh


… and share I did



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September 30, 2011 at 2:50 pm

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