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henge (v,n): To stand around aimlessly, usually forming a circular ring of sorts, standing so long enough to be  considered either a national treasure or an alien artefact

Usage: “Oh what are those cows doing there, standing in the middle of the field chewing their cud? They’re henging.”

“What an unnatural clump of trees? It’s a tree-henge”

“Why are there so many tourists just sitting around doing nothing at Trafalgar Square? Hengers, sheesh.”

I’ve done a lot of pointless things in life. I’ve tried to chew on a single piece of gum for 7 hours, giving up only because my jaw could take no more and because I distinctly felt like I was slowly absorbing the rubber into my system. I’ve done movie marathons, TV serial marathons and FIFA 06 marathons while silently marveling at my kangaroo rat-esque water retention abilities.

But never before had I ever paid a fairly large amount of money and invested a fair bit of time for staring at a bunch of stones. I used to be one of those people who would laugh at those people who would be all ‘we so excited … we we so excited … we gonna go see Stonehenge!’ The ‘laugher’ has now become the ‘laughee’

[Update: Have now done it twice, the stones still look exactly the same]


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May 8, 2011 at 1:11 pm

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