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I dream of a day …

When you’ll be able to Avataarify your life

When you think ‘Brake’ and your car will stop

When you think ‘Run him over’ and it will do so too

When it won’t matter which language you think in

When you don’t need long hair to plug them in

When people will talk to trees and not be called idiots

When it’ll be ok to have public orgies and karaoke sessions.

But then some moron will come and ask –

‘So if I think happy thoughts will happy things happen?

Or if I think ‘Oh screw me’, will happy things happen?’

And then you know, it’s not gonna happen

Not gonna happen, just not gonna happen.

Aah reality… you’re a bitch

I was hoping to rhyme overall, but … ditch


On the same topic (but slightly off) –

All those who thought The Hurt Locker was Most.Boring.Best.Picture.Ever, please stand up (in thought. Like, make your Avataar stand up or something)

I think Dev.D should have won.


Written by sujaybedekar

March 14, 2010 at 12:19 am

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