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This video brings back fond memories. Very fond memories.

– Shakira dancing like there’s no tomorrow, shaking her hips as if independent from her body. Kind of like the Irish-Jig-guy but without scaring the ba-jeezus out of anyone.

– Wyclef Jean (that incestuous b*****d) hugging her like she’s his younger sister.

– FIFA World Cup 2006 – the drama, the red cards, the defending, the attacking, the upsets, Germany, Italy. My favourite world cup of all time.

– Zidane having his moment of madness and giving head to someone live on TV with a million folks watching. Clearly, the French like to do everything in their own special way.

– Me having my first (and till date, only) attempt at consistent blogging.

– Watching matches on a big screen with good commentary in the company of amazingly passionate hostel mates – I’ll especially never forget a random bong fellow who was bawling after Argentina got kicked out by Germany in the quarter-finals and the non-stop vernacular cursing which preceded the said bawling.

All this without consuming a single drop of alcohol, which made it even more fantastic.

Written by sujaybedekar

May 27, 2009 at 3:01 pm

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