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A tale of three medals

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Ed: This post was supposed to have been posted quite a few weeks ago but it got left out. The delay in posting kind of reduces it’s relevance and, ironically, ends up illustrating my point.

The 2 Kumars (Sushil and Vijender) winning medals at the Beijing Olympics had me super elated. Seriously, it was very cool to see them go all rustic on the kazhaki-cuban dudes and pwn them. My joy was in fact much more than when Abhinav Bhindra won his historic gold in the 10m Air Rifle event. Make no mistake – the latter is for sure an awesome achievement, but I rate the Kumar bronzes higher than Bhindra’s gold. This is so because –

1. It can be tough to be all gung-ho about Shooting. It’s a sport which requires immense infrastructure (elaborate guns, shooting ranges, level floors and what not). And bucketfuls of patience. Next …

2. You need truckloads of cash. Bhindra’s preparations cost almost a crore of rupees- each year. That’s 1 followed by seven zeros. Everyone knows that all expenditure made by the Govt. of India is severely censured, criticized, opposed with agitations and eventually disallowed unless it is on things which are a) in the direct interest of the minorities; b) in the direct interest of national pride; c) in the direct interest of religious harmony; d) in the direct interest of the ‘poor’ ‘downtrodden’ ‘backward’ folks (which in my opinion are three not-so-intersecting sets of people); e) In the direct interest of the nation (just to ensure complete ambiguity). Spending a crore (or more) a year so that we get at most 3 medals every 4 years just seems so wrong. We’d rather divert the cash to the upliftment of people who need uplifting, however inefficient it may end up being. And this is not just politico-speak – many Indians would agree with the pointlessness of such investments in times of deep crisis and turmoil and all that.

3. The Corporate support/ sponsorship required by the sport has too low an RoI (Return on Investment). I had much more fun watching our wrestlers/boxers lose in their final rounds than see Bhindra stand rock-steady and shoot the bulls-eye (Confession – all I watched were the highlights and I was still bored). Who wants to screen advertisements between 2 guys shooting down inanimate targets and not showing any emotions? That’s right, NO ONE.

4. Watching rich boys getting medals is simply not as fulfilling as watching disheveled driver-kids slogging it out and being rewarded for their achievements and bruises. It’s just plain human sentiment. Bipasha Basu knows that – she promised Vijender Kumar the time of his life if he won the gold in his boxing event. It is a pity(?) that he lost in the semis. Now Bips could had rewarded Abhinav retrospectively – after all, he DID win a gold medal – but nope, it was ‘boxer bhai’ who made her go tingly in all the right places.

5. The wrestling/ boxing achievements will infuse some energy into involvement in the sport – at least among the non-wrestling/boxing junta of the country. You will now have more regulated brawls and people using their muscles to maul people than cutting them down with swords and knives.

Of course, all this hinges on India really sucking in cricket for a sustained period of time or at least not playing any cricket at all. But that’s a completely different story I guess.


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September 7, 2008 at 7:58 pm

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  1. Also, the wrestler chap is quite hot *drool*


    September 21, 2008 at 9:19 am

  2. lol. ok.


    September 22, 2008 at 8:16 am

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