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One can fruitfully waste time while traveling in a variety of ways – Reading, Writing, Listening to Music and Contemplating heavy stuff like the energy crisis, world peace, philosophy, politics, sports and celebrity gossip. If you’re traveling in a bus which keeps on bouncing around in an extremely erratic fashion, the first two options get ruled out right away. That’s when one can try a fifth alternative – Clean out your Phone Inbox (messages received and sent both). This is especially useful when you have a Gmail mentality of not deleting stuff unless acted upon by an external unbalanced stimulus.

The thousands of service provider messages can be a source of a lot of glee on being deleted – ‘SMS XXX for wallpapers/ringtones/cricket scores/horoscope/random/arbit’. ‘Reema/Shilpa/Smita/Anish are waiting for you. SMS XXX to chat with them. Fast!’. This does raise 2 questions, as an aside – 1. Are these folks like tuned in to people’s relationship statuses all the time?  2. Why push in a guy’s name? Just in case?

Cryptic messages typically dominate the message box – ‘Dunno. Will ask.’ ‘Ok.’ ‘k.’ ‘I’ll come late.’ ‘Not coming, you carry on.’ ‘Lol.’ ‘LMAO!’ ‘OMG!’. ‘Happy Birthday’. These are the timeless ones, relevant no matter what the occassion be and easily deletable without a second thought.

Then there are those with question marks – ‘Why?’. ‘Please confirm. Seriously?’ ‘What is the capital of Azerbaijan? Where is Azerbaijan?’ (I shit you not). These can be deleted again without too much of a hassle, but they at least make us think back to the reference and invariably induce a chuckle.

Because I actively discourage people from sending fart-forwards (or at least make it a point to never respond to the same), I don’t have Sardarji and Little Johnny jokes cluttering my inbox. These are, however, known to be a perfect menace at times and deserve to be trashed right away.

There will also be a splattering of some which must have been relevant/ awesome in their time but are totally pointless now. They are like the thousands of Rajendra Kumar Hindi movies of the 70’s – not worth a second look unless you are swayam Rajendra Kumar himself. These you delete with a hint of embarrassment and a touch, but not more, of remembrance.

Then come the really interesting ones. These are messages from/to those select few – the special ones, if you may – whose opinions and feelings you actually give a damn about. These messages make you stop, read, look at the date and think back in nostalgia. You find that the memories are surprisingly vivid. That’s the good thing about nostalgia – In hindsight, you always remember all nice things. These (invariably) bittersweet messages you end up putting aside as ‘delete-only-if-absolutely-completely-necessary’.

This exercise of going back and forth between messages can be fairly exhausting and your fingers might start crying out in pain, but take my word for it – it is time well spent. Better than discussing politics at least. Almost as good as celeb gossip, albeit less rewarding.


Written by sujaybedekar

August 20, 2008 at 2:08 pm

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