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I can’t dance either :(

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So there’s a guy who has the following characteristics –  

– muscular, popular, spectacular, single, dashing

– owns fast car(s), is filthy rich, friendly, smart

– ambitious, musically inclined (plays the guitar), holidays in France, extremely popular and kind

– can’t dance.

And people are making fun of him solely because of the 4th point – that and probably because his parents, in what must have been a pretty rare bout of extreme drunkness, went and named him Pappu. Some folks have even created a controversy over this (link via this), which is quite ridiculous – probably even intentionally planted by Aamir Khan, who talks to the media only when he has a movie release around the corner 🙂

I never knew being able to dance was so important. This song might have been written by the aam junta (average person) to make fun of the popular kid in class everyone secretly hated, but all it does is just make me plain depressed. I want to be Pappu! I’m 25% there already !!


Written by sujaybedekar

June 25, 2008 at 5:04 pm

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