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Hero is unassuming/way-over-the-top (one of the two extremes). Hero is brilliant and yet quite caring in either case.

Hero has a major screw up and ends up affecting himself directly or indirectly.

Gamma radiation, Krypton, Mutation, Transmorgification, Radiation and such exotic-sounding terms are thrown around at will to justify anything and everything.

Hero says ‘This is my gift and also my curse.’ Or he says ‘Angry. Rwaaarrw’ and it’s understood that that is what he means.

There is a bunch of absolutely irrelevant thugs/ goons/ school bullies out to generally pain the Hero. They get their a$$es kicked major time in the process and we get to snicker ‘lyoosers!’ at them. They also serve the dual purpose of giving the Hero some much needed match practice.

Hero tries to get rid of his boon/curse and succeeds in doing that… but not quite. Then some Maniac gets hold of those/ equivalent/ better powers and becomes something scarier, nastier and with worse mouth odour, which makes him a menace to society and Greenpeace protesters.

Maniac goes on to kill many people but for some reason never actually harms Hero’s gal. The relationship between Hero and his Damsel can be best described as It’s complicated.

Hero returns to fight Maniac. Maniac dies (but is not directly killed by hero) or is at least rid of his powers/abilities. Hero gets to kiss his gal at most once and then he’s off to do the noble thing – i.e. live a life of celibacy and make up for it (well not literally) by screwing bad guys.

Make Hero slender, supple, net-savvy and with a convoluted dressing sense – you get Spider man.

Make Hero hairy, bulky, a monkey and generally pissed off at everyone in life – you get King Kong.

Make Hero hairless, green, bulky with absolutely no dressing sense and generally pissed off at everyone in life – you get the Incredible Hulk.

As far as the actual movie goes – nothing new, somewhat entertaining, good visual effects, lots of destruction, weak jokes, predictable story.

Imagine your face while trying to calculate 1793/41, or when you’re quite constipated. Then imagine yourself doing a maanja lappet (tying up your thread after losing your paper kite) with all fingers outstretched while having the above face. That’s my rating for the latest Hulk movie.

(Nice review this one 🙂 )


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June 21, 2008 at 11:31 am

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