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The advantage of doing a not-too-intellectually challenging job is that if you can find a way to beat the system somewhat (i.e. win the battles, the war is unwinnable anyway), you can have plenty of spare time (and resources) to do a lot of random things, good and not-so-good. On second thoughts, this might not exactly be an advantage, but still …

The disadvantage of course is that you’re doing a not-too-intellectually challenging job. I just realized how important tense is … transforms intellectually-challenging into intellectually-challenged.

Reading and reviewing arbit reports elaborating upon certain people’s moronic behaviour and its impact on people all around the world i.e. the credit crisis in the US, one is tempted to take frequent breaks. On one of these breaks, the mind does wander –

– What will it take for The Fed to win at least one French Open. How can it be possible that vastly inferior mortals like Sergei Bruguera and Michael Chang have bragging rights over Roger?

– Why is it that most people in Mumbai think ‘A swanky 3 BHK apartment‘ when asked about there Dream house? Shouldn’t a dream house at least be a house all by itself, especially if it’s in a dream? Or shouldn’t it be at least like this?

Aside: What are the boundaries separating a realist, a cynic and a pessimist?

– How cool are Fractals and how very convenient is the concept ‘infinity +/- anything is still infinity’? Had I taken up a Ph.D., this would had been my choice of research – although given my complete lack of credentials, I doubt I would have (had?) gotten a scholarship anywhere 😛

– Manipulating people is probably what the word Power really means. Manipulating people and convincing them that it’s for their own good is what Behavorial science/ economics is all about – like making people pee where they should by giving them a fly sticker to aim at on the loo-wall. Or realizing that one can increase Listerine mouthwash sales by simply increasing the size of the cup since most customers typically follow directions on the bottle quite strictly (‘One cupful at a time‘)

– The amount of effort people put into the most randomnest of things is par imagination – like devising a Bacon number; or compiling an Anti-Grand Slam list (link via Jabberwock); or devising the most awesome toys to play with (link via kottke.org). For the last one, try it out first and then check out this video – the engineer inside me goes boingboing every time I see it! :). Or if there still is nothing better to do, they go and put captions – rather capshuns – on cat photos and go lol, thereby producing in the process the ‘most overrated blog’ according to TIME magazine.

– To satiate the technical mind even more, how cool are places like indexed, graphjam and of course, xkcd – the best geek webcomic which makes me nod my head in agreement in a totally uncool way – every time.

So that’s that. Back to Ms Excel.


Written by sujaybedekar

June 9, 2008 at 8:40 pm

Posted in arbit

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