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First drunken post, so ignore gramatical errors –

In the tried and tested phaarmyula of ‘when in doubt, use bullets’, this post is entirely bulleted (bulletined?)

– I finally know why the Rajasthan Royals keep winning. They are the Lee-Hesh equivalent of IPL Twenty20 cricket. i.e. they are the best example of Whole > sum of parts i.e. they are fart individually but awesome overall i.e. they are very nice, but not good enough (says my intestine) to win the world cup (Twenty20?) IPL cup, which, btw, looks super shady. Go Preity!

– The tour guide at the Lord’s cricket stadium narrated an awesome anecdote about Shane Warne’s time as a Hampshire player but I don’t remember what it was. Trust me, it was very funny. LOL.

– Hot flaming vodka is not exactly as great as some folks make it out to be – either that, or the vodka at Tian at Andheri is made out of shady potatoes

– Tian is nevertheless a nice place to get drunk at

– Do people eat freshmint after drinking caprioska (the link kind of negates my question, because there is no mint in the recipe. still, nice site)

This song is an awesome song which I unashamedly played in an infinite loop during the infinite kaam I had in offcie today.

– Neha Dhupia epitomizes women who are not even remotely pretty but still quite sexy.

– Facebook is too complicated for someone my age (at least for me), while orkut is too childish. Maybe there’s a business plan lurking here somewhere.

– Bombay dot dot dot Mumbai  needs a place like Bangalore’s Purple Haze. Now that’s a busineess plan for you! I accept royalties in cash and cheque and demand draft.

– Firefox spell check is painful. It gives Marsupial as an alternative to Dhupia. wtf.

Allit : My respect for drunken bloggers increase manifold.

AllitAllit: I can type without looking at the keyboard, which makes me feel so cool, like when Catherina Zeta Jones types in 2 complex passwords simultaneously on TWO different keyboards (wrong emphasis i think) in the movie ‘Entrapment’ (Yes she does that, trust me)

– The caps lock button is totally pointless unless you want to encourage people to scream at each other in mails/ chats.

– I’ve always wondered why people use random latin ‘abbreviations’ (which btw is an unnecessarily long word) like QED whose full form they don’t even know.

Habeus Corpus


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May 31, 2008 at 12:43 am

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