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Baabul ki dua ka aachar daalein?

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Do I make pickle out of Father’s blessings?

Picture this:Bahu (with saas inset)

You’re a nubile, innocent little phoolsi kali (flowerbud-types) all of 18. Yes you are. You’re very talented too, which basically means that you can cook amazing gaajar halwa and sarson-da-saag and can sing and dance like a professional but very demurely and only when urged on by everyone. For some reason, you decide to get married to this dashing, charming dude, who’s sole purpose in life is to act as a means for you to enter a rich, well-settled family, after which he prefers being like those paintings most people have in their houses – they’re supposed to serve some purpose, but they’re best when they’re always in the background.

In this family, people wear everything from sindoor-in-maang to 5-kilo jewelry to heerein-zevraat ALL the time – when they’re asleep, when they’re awake, when they go shopping for vegetables, when they’re just stepping out of the bath, when they’re doing some loving, when they’re doing some killing, when they’re getting killed- even when they’re being pushed to destitution.

Now that you have got the picture, I urge you to contemplate what would indeed be the equivalent of Sophie’s Choice for you.


<loud dramatic deep baritone>Babul Aangan byaargh

Saas ki saalgirah ya Maayke mein pooja?” (Mother-in-law’s birthday or Big fancy ceremony at mom’s place?)

Behen ki shaadi ya Nanand ki god-bharai?” (Sister’s wedding or Sister-in-law’s tummy-filling a.k.a. baby shower?)

Baabul ki khushi ya Maang ki pariksha?” (Aged father’s happiness or Sacrifice for husband?)

</drumroll> </baritone>

You would then shake your head in pity, sigh and say “Baabul ka aangan Chhootey Naa“. (Sigh. Why did I get married at all?)

NB: Note how this dilemma is no longer a dilemma if the conditionality in the aforementioned quandaries was tweaked as follows –

Saas Maa ki saalgirah ya Maayke Sasural mein pooja?

Behen Nanand ki shaadi ya Nanand Behen ki god-bharai?

Baabul Maang ki khushi ya Maang Baabul ki pariksha?

Here’s a sample of how things usually look –

This is what the Indian Telly-industry has now been reduced to. Makers of soaps these days are apparently under the impression that people like coming home from a hard day’s work to watch simpering daughter-in-law’s get tortured by evil, scheming moms/sis’s-in-law. They believe that the average housewife’s intelligence cannot grasp the gravity of one tight slap unless it is shown thrice in slow-mo with red filters to convey rage, angst and pathos all at once.

I protest. I protest quite vehemently to this dumbing down of society of which I am very much a part of, and which by a variant of the zeroth law of Thermodynamics implies the dumbing down of me simply by association. This seems to be a classic case of supply defining demand because of a general apathy of the consumer. It speaks volumes about the creativity drought we’re currently being faced with, with the only watchable show (other than ‘Saturday Shuffle with Mia‘ of course) is probably Roadies 5.0 (start from 4.00 min here). Football and the occasional cricket match are all that’s left to motivate me to hunt for the remote these days.

Maybe we should go down the tried and ok-tested route of getting inspired (which I don’t really mind, as mentioned previously). Maybe we should go and linearly execute all Reality T.V. show producers and go telecast this on Aaj Tak, given that they simply enjoy showing random people being bashed up by angry mobs. Maybe we should stop allowing the idiot box make idiots out of us.

Or maybe we should just change the channel.

(I realize that picking on TV Serials is like the easiest of topics, but still …)


Written by sujaybedekar

February 11, 2008 at 3:12 pm

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  1. hahaha… u have described it very well… i was recently asking my sis who was actively watching this baabul ki aangan trailer / promos… hey, why do their functions happen at the same time yaar!… They dun do any planning or wat!, then she can and the rest of them can attend everything naaa …

    And maybe if you forgot to mention or jus slipped… memory loss, plastic surgery are all a part of this entertainment biz… I wish I had that much $$$…


    February 11, 2008 at 3:46 pm

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