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A latino window cleaner by the name of Alcides Moreno fell 47-stories, went into a coma, realized that it was a pretty boring place to be in, came out and gave a lot of joy to Americans. Bravo I say. Hallelujah, in fact.

(This has inspired some folks to advise How best to fall 47 stories, while some have drawn parallels between the window cleaners dive and the state of the Republican party). One more bravo for that.

My two pence on the topic –

1. Alcides fell 47 stories and still survived. Bill Clinton managed to tell 47 stories and still survived. The former has been explained as being not really a miracle using simple laws of physics. The latter continues to be a source of great wonderment even now. Isn’t the second incident more miraculous?

2. The dude will probably get a lot of praise and applause and become the posterboy for all evangelists who have already gone into a Praise-the-Lord overdrive, and then some more. Hope will reign supreme once again. Atheists will have to endure ‘Ha-in-your-face-suckers!’ for quite some time. Things will generally be happy and magical for quite some time.

3. After the dust has somewhat settled, Alcides will get penalised for not taking appropriate safety measures. People will then go on to blame celebrities (because that’s what he will have become by then) for being irresponsible and bad idols for today’s youth. This will be held to be just another example of the decaying morality of the society, which can be controlled only by banning morality altogether.

4. A tape of Alcides-caught-in-the-act will become the newest Utube phenomenon. The pathetic lighting and amateurish camerawork will urge people to take up ‘Shoot-your-own-video’ classes, just in case they do become popular.

5. Finally (in all probability), he’ll get deported back to Puerto Rico or Mehico or the place where most window cleaners/gardeners/odd-jobs-types people are born.

P.S.: I’m not being racist or discriminatory here – Do I take offense when people call me a nerd because of my academic/ national background? (I don’t). After all, do the hispanics object when people assume them to be godmax salsa dancers by default? This btw reminds me of a Russell Peters video where he pokes fun at racism and says how sometimes it can actually be quite fun – google it.

PS2: The post-tone is inspired by this super-hilarious-albeit-somewhat-long post.

PS3: Someone loan me one. Please. Pretty please! <eye flutter>

Written by sujaybedekar

January 15, 2008 at 4:47 pm

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