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Sabrina (1954) (***1/2)

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Genre – Romance

Audrey Hepburn is hands down the most beautiful person i have ever seen, no doubt about that! her charm, elegance and innocence all end up further enhancing her beauty- a rare case of improving upon perfection. That’s the first thing which strikes you when you watch Sabrina, an out and out mushy-romantic classic. She essays her role with such ease, that she makes Julie Ormond in the 1995 remake seem boring and, well, too plain.
The plot is essentially an ugly-duckling-transformation one, with two heroes thrown in to make matters interesting. Apparently, Humphrey Bogart and Hepburn didn’t get along during filming, but their professionalism manages to completely hide this fact. There’s nothing heavy or deep about this movie- in fact it’s the absolute simplicity which makes it such a wonderful movie! Watch it for Hepburn, watch it to get a taste of the B&W era, basically watch it 😛


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June 18, 2006 at 11:26 am

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