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Snatch. (2000) (*****)

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Genre- Action

Snatch is truly a worthy successor to Lock Stock … Both Guy Ritchie movies, this one violates the oft-repeated thumb rule that blondes can’t act. After starring in Snatch and Fight Club, even a pathetic performance in Troy does nothing to undermine the acting credentials of Brad Pitt. The same British humour from LS2SB is continued with some intelligible gypsy dialogues thrown in to create an amazing effect (My advice- watch the movie once without any subtitles, then watch it again but this time with subtitles!). Excellent supporting performances by Jason Statham (Turkish) and Dennis Farina (‘cousin Avi’), the quotes from this movie are just too hilarious! The script is mind-boggling, the action far-fetched and yet believable. This is one of those rare movies where you observe startling new things everytime you see it! The direction is awesome, the script moves along at a breakneck speed, the allusions to other movies are astounding- all in all a masterpiece truly!


Written by sujaybedekar

June 17, 2006 at 2:24 pm

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